Unlock Endless Benefits with the 8-Shaped Walk .

8-shaped walking walking


One of the best exercises for keeping your health is walking. But to reap the most rewards, it must be done without interruption and with an open mind. Morning walks have gained popularity in today’s environment, but they are typically joined by friends talking or using phones, which lessens the benefits of exercise.

8-Shaped walking a Lifelong Licence for good health- Yogi approach

Walking is a highly recommended physical and mental health workout by healthcare specialists. Even with our hectic schedules, walking every day is essential. Heavy weekend exercise is insufficient to compensate; the body needs a regular daily schedule.

An old trick from the Tamil Siddhars called “8 Walking” or “Infinity Walking” in the West, provides an even better way to work on your walking routines. Yogis and Siddhars recommend this approach, which one should practise.

Medical specialists usually advise walking to obtain a lifelong licence for good health; walking in this manner is like having a driving licence. We’ll examine the correct way to perform the eight-shaped walk as well as all of its advantages.

Method of Infinity walking

A basic illustration would be to walk in a figure 8 or a circle with a diameter of roughly six feet. This can be paired with particular pranayama (breathing patterns) for long-term health benefits.

The best way is to walk in a figure ‘eight’ shape, about 12–16 feet long and 6–8 feet wide, in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Technique of Infinity Walking:

To practice the 8-shaped walk correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the Path:
    • Draw or mark an 8-shaped pattern on the ground with dimensions of 6-8 feet in width and 12-16 feet in length.
    • Align the pattern from North to South.
  2. Starting Position:
    • Begin at the position marked as “1” on the pattern.
  3. Walking Sequence:
    • Walk from position “1” to “2,” then proceed to “3,” “4,” “5,” “6,” and back to “1.”
    • Complete the sequence continuously for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Reverse Direction:
    • After 15 minutes, reverse the direction and walk from “1” to “6,” then “5,” “4,” “3,” “2,” and back to “1” for another 10-15 minutes.
  5. Maintain a Steady Pace:
    • Walk at a comfortable, steady pace without rushing.
    • Focus on your breathing, taking deep and steady breaths.
  6. Barefoot Walking:
    • If possible, walk barefoot to stimulate the acupressure points on your feet.
    • This enhances the benefits by activating internal organs and energy pathways.
  7. Morning or Evening Practice:
    • Practice the 8-shaped walk in the morning or evening on an empty stomach for optimal results.
    • Preferable times are 5-6 AM/PM.

By following these techniques, you can maximize the benefits of the 8-shaped walk and incorporate a powerful, holistic exercise into your daily routine.

Advantages of Eight-Shaped Strolling:

The eight-shaped walk is a special kind of exercise with lots of advantages:

1. Better Balance and Coordination:

When you walk in a figure-eight pattern, your balance and coordination will improve.

2. Increased oxygen intake:

This walking technique improves the body’s oxygenation by encouraging deeper breathing.

3. Stress Reduction:

By promoting attention and relaxation, the rhythmic pattern helps reduce stress.

4. Complete Body Workout:

The twisting and turning motions target a variety of muscle groups, offering a thorough exercise.

5. Improved mental clarity:

Consistent practice helps improve mental clarity and focus.

6. Acupressure Point Activation:

Barefoot walking activates acupressure points on the feet, which is good for the internal organs and general health.

Aligned with the earth’s magnetic field, walking in a South-North path energises the body and stimulates the internal organs and chakras. Compared to ordinary walking, the twisting and turning motion provides better physical movement since it uses all of the body’s parts. Pressure points created by barefoot walking stimulate internal organs and provide relief from chronic illnesses.
Points of Acupressure

While walking, concentrating on the eight forms guarantees appropriate breathing and helps one stay distracted-free. This exercise reverses asthma by activating the entire body, relieving sinus and lung congestion, clearing stuffy noses, and removing phlegm. The body is energised from the oxygen intake throughout this walk.

Foot cracks, discomfort in different body parts, and chronic disorders such as sciatica, spondylitis, migraine, diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid can all be resolved by doing this exercise twice a day for thirty minutes.

When you incorporate the 8-shaped walk into your routine, you can expect:

Immediate Energization:

Feel a surge of energy due to increased oxygen intake.

Gradual Improvement in Balance:

 Notice better coordination and stability over time.

Mental Calmness:

Experience reduced stress and improved mental focus.

Enhanced Physical Health:

 Benefit from a full-body workout that strengthens muscles and joints.

Better Breathing:

Enjoy clearer breathing and better lung function as you practice regularly.

Overall Well-Being 

Experience a holistic improvement in physical and mental health.